Black Rock Wine Cellar  
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Welcome to the Black Rock Wine Cellar, the premier provider of refrigerated wine storage to the citizens of Black Rock City! Established in 2008 by the Golden Cafe, the Black Rock Wine Cellar and its subterranean wine storage facility exist for one week each year, during the Burning Man arts festival.


The unrelenting heat and dessicating air of the Black Rock Desert is no place for wine! If you have a special bottle in need of tender loving care, we invite you visit us on the playa and speak to our sommelier. There is no fee for storage, and you need not share the sweet nectar with us, although we will likely be proud to share some of our own favorite bottles with you.


Our unique service is made possible through monetary donations to support the storage, transport, and operation of our refrigeration infrastructure, as well as donations of exotic breads and cheeses to sustain our dedicated staff of wine snobs. Most importantly, if you have experience in excavation or masonry, we need you on our construction team!